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Project: Southeast Collector Trunk Sewer, York Region —2011—2012
•100mm, 150mm, 300mm HDPE and Lockable PVC
•Total footage: 1460m x 100mm, 61Mm x 150mm, 570m x 300mm drilled lines for raw water

Project Thackary Landfill site, City of Toronto, Gravity Feed Sewer —2011
•400mm HDPE
•Total Footage: 107m at 0.8% grade drilling through garbage dump to existing sewer for waste water.

Project: Finch Ave watermain replacement, Toronto
•300mm PVC
•Total footage: 605m of 300mm PVC
•In very congested area of Toronto, including a shot across the national fiber lines, a busy bus terminal (TTC), and then down the side of Finch Ave all at once.

Project Highway 404 Extension, Keswick, Enbridge Gas — July2011
•200mm (8”) steel pipe, 4” steel pipe
•Total footage: BOOm Epoxy coated steel main completed in one shot. Two additional shots of 500m each of 4” steel pipe

Project: King High Drive, City of Vaughan, watermain replacement —2011
•150mm + 300mm Lockable PVC
•Total Footage: 320m of 300mm and 1240m of 150mm

Project: Highway 404 + Sheppard Aye, Toronto, Ontario, FIber Optic installation
•4” Poly
•Total footage: 125m tIme sensitIve project across 14 lanes of highway.
•Completed in 8 hours

Project: Rosebank PumpIng Station, Region of Durham —2010
•300mm (Inside) 14” dIps
•Total footage: 170m through a very environmentally sensitive area (Petticoat Creek
Conservation Area), TRCA Lands, within lOOm of Lake Ontario.
•Elevation changes of 60 metres with no disturbance to surrounding areas

Project: West Duffins Creek, Region of Durham — 2009
•150mm, 200mm, 300mm HDPE
•Challenging creek crossIng through TRCA lands, as well as In shale.
•Three lines Installed 1m apart for future sub dMsion sanitary sewer.

Project: Queen Mary Drive, Halton Region
•300mm Fusible PVC
•Total footage: 320m drill shot in limestone shale and in a residential area.
Project: Queens Plate, City of Toronto — Gravity Feed Sewer
•250mm Lockable PVC
•Total footage: 80m shot across Hwy #27 in a highly congested area adjacent to a large shopping mall and amusement park

Project: Fishleigh Ave forcemain replacement, City of Toronto
•300mm HDPE
•Total footage: 650m Drilling along the bluffs’ edge in Toronto

Project: Rough River, Bell Telecom
•8×4”+4x 1.5” Poly
•Total footage: 250m crossing in Toronto Conservation Authority land.
•The Rough River is a spawning river for Rainbow Trout, making the project high risk.
•The shot involved a large elevation change and challenging ground conditions.

Project: Yonge Street Watermain Replacement, City of Toronto — June 2009

•12” (300mm) Lockable PVC
•Project was in a very congested area of Yonge Street, requiring the use of a small drill to install 300mm pipe.
•There were many existing utilities in the way, plus traffic and pedestrians.
Project: City of London — Transmission Line
•450mm Fusible PVC
•Total footage: 1295m done in 10 shots, including a 450m bore across the Oxbow Creek, an environmentally sensitive area

Project: City of Toronto, Imperial Oil/Esso — Gravity Feed Sewer April 2008

•200mm (8”) Lockable PVC
•Total: 115m at grade of 0.5%
Project: Highway 407 & Derry Road — Fiber-Optic Installation June 2008
•4” HDPE
•Total: 140m Time sensitive shot, completed in solid shale in 12 hours

Project: Township of Tay — Transmission Line August 2007
• 300mm (12”) HDPE
•Total: 820m including a 440m bore through environmental sensitive marsh